Sauna & Self-Care

Sauna and sweat & self-care


The sun produces a combination of visible and invisible light, and one of those invisible spectrums is infrared rays. These are the wavelengths that make the sun feel warm. We feel it as heat because the energy emitted from infrared light stimulates the water in our bodies to generate energy, which is what we feel as warmth. The infrared light is penetrating deep within your tissues, muscles and cells, benefiting your body as the sun would, without causing UV damage.

In our infrared saunas, we use this infrared light as a treatment to promote healing in the body. There are many health benefits to using infrared therapy, including
≗ improved circulation
≗ reduced inflammation
≗ weight loss
≗ increased metabolism
≗ and improved detoxification
≗ lower blood pressure
≗ wound healing

Infrared therapy can also help to relieve pain, improve sleep, and reduce stress levels. It is often used in combination with light therapy, to maximize its effectiveness.


This comes down to personal preferences ... but one way or another WE LOVE A GOOD SWEAT.

The main difference between infrared saunas and traditional saunas is how they use heat. Traditional saunas use a single heater that is heating the air and this hot air then heats us. They rely on humidity to heat up the room and air around us. The room tends to feel hot & heavy. Infrared sauna heat works to heat the body directly with the help of light therapy to promote heat generation in the body. No steam is produced in this case. This results in deeper heat penetration throughout the body and maximization of positive effects.

While traditional saunas rely on humidity to heat up the room around you, infrared saunas heat your body directly by emitting wavelengths of light. Some added health benefits of infrared waves are that it targets the release of toxins in fat cells and has been shown to increase metabolism over regular use. In an infrared sauna, you receive all of the health benefits of high temperatures without exposing yourself to the extremely hot air of a steam sauna.

Unlike traditional saunas, the air in an infrared sauna is a lot drier, making it easier to breathe. This form of slow heating makes infrared saunas a much more comfortable experience than traditional ones.  


Our infrared sauna studio uses near, mid and far-infrared waves which gently heat the body from within and allow you to reap the benefits of sweating. These waves are able to deeply penetrate the skin, muscles, joints and tissues to improve blood circulation and oxygen flow. They help to detoxify the body by removing impurities at a cellular level where our bodies store waste and harmful toxins. Though tiny pinpoint-size waves, each infrared ray does something beautifully unique for our bodies.

Whether you're a first-time infrared user or a seasoned veteran, expect to sweat like crazy and feel amazing after. Though it’s one of the most relaxing ways you can break a sweat and burn calories, the heat can be particularly intense for newbies. So don't forget to HYDRATE, HYDRATE & HYDRATE pre and post sauna.



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Full Spectrum Infrared Heat

Explore and expand on healing modalities as our sauna pods offer you the perfect surrounding to feel & to heal. To enjoy, in joy.
You will quickly start to notice how incorporating an infrared sauna into your self-care routine can aid in your healing. Whether you use it for detoxification, skin health, muscle health & recovery, immunity, or simply as a tool to slow down.

Our full spectrum heaters emit 1/3 near-infrared, 1/3 mid-infrared and 1/3 far-infrared wavelengths, hence the term full-spectrum. Near, mid, and far infrared are the three types of infrared radiation and live on the invisible light spectrum. While far infrared radiation is responsible for the majority of health advantages, including all three wavelengths adds further benefits.

(NIR) Near Infrared Rays

NIR is the shortest infrared wavelength that just penetrates the skin’s surface to remove toxins such as dead skin cells, oils, dirt and bacteria. NIR can promote cellular health, skin renewal, wound healing and tissue growth through stimulation of collagen and elastin production leaving you with a feeling of deep radiance and rejuvenation.

(MIR) Mid Infrared Rays

MIR penetrates deeper into your body’s soft tissue where inflammation occurs.
By expanding your blood vessels and increasing circulation, MIR allows for more oxygen to reach areas of your body that are injured or inflamed. This will also help your body burn calories and supports a healthy weight loss.

(FIR) Far Infrared Rays

FIR offers the longest wavelength in the infrared spectrum.
This reaches deeply into your body where toxins are stored and as your core body temperature slowly increases, toxins will be released in a deep and detoxifying sweat.

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